CCDCA is in need of both volunteers for our park and building maintenance and now the start of our new town museum.  Please make checks to CCDCA. 

98 Bohemia Ave., Suite #4

        Chesapeake City, MD 21915         

Thank You, to our volunteers, friends, and neighbors

     We want the sincerely thank the many many volunteers, friends, neighbors and residents who donated their time over the years to the Civic Association and more specifically Pell Gardens.  So often there was not even a thank you for hours of landscaping, weeding, trimming, cleaning up and all of the other thankless duties performed.  Thank you again. 
     We would like to give a special thank you to the residents, members of the Civic Association, friends and neighbors who spent countless hours providing upkeep to Pell gardens over the years.  Many thankless projects were undertaken without recognition.  Thank you all for that volunteer time spent with us.
     A special thank you goes to Dick Legates and Kevin Quinlan Photography for most of the photos on this site.  Make sure you check out their web sites for some great shots of Chesapeake City.