Chesapeake City District Civic Association's Canal Day Is Canceled as of 3/22/12



March 22, 2012





We regret to inform you that the Chesapeake City District Civic Association Board in a unanimous decision voted to Cancel Canal Day currently scheduled for June 30th, 2012.  In recent years vendor interest, attendance and economic conditions have caused a drop in everyone’s commitments. 


Canal Day was started as a way for local Non-profit organizations to have a large fund raiser each year.  Over the past few years the atmosphere has changed enough that the crowds have dropped 50% or more.  Quality vendors are finding it difficult to commit in this economy. We have investigated every avenue we were presented with or considered ourselves. This discussion has spanned many alternate plans over the past three years.


Many Non-profit Organizations will be disappointed with this decision and we are sorry that it had to happen. The Civic Association was basically raising money to pay Police, Traffic control, Paid Help for Parking and Bus Transportation.  There was no benefit to the organization as the day was originally designed to be. After losing money last year and continued rising costs again this year, the committee has decided that this can no longer continue. 


This June Day had been a long tradition that we can all look back on and see the enjoyment it has brought to many.  At this point there are more complaints than good memories.  We tried our best.  We hope everyone will enjoy some of the other events held in our lovely town and all it has to offer.


We would like at this time to Sincerely Thank all the Loyal Volunteers who have faithfully helped us over the years.